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Save the Date Ad Sept. 2014

Join Bishop David Ricken on
Sunday Evening
November 16, 2014
The Joy and Power of Advent!

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Join us for a wonderful Advent Refection that will make a powerful difference in your life!

Life in All its Splendor!

autumn leaves

The power of the sun.

It brings the warmth to the frozen and sleeping world, only to tease us in spring by its refreshing waters and sunshine and beautiful colors.  But without warning, it quickly transforms back into the cool mornings and busy days of autumn. READ MORE in NEWSLETTER

I AM the change

I Am the change LOGO

Awaken to a new day! 
Your new day!
YOU are the change the world needs TODAY!

I AM the change is The Power of LIfe's new empowering campaign to challenge people to use their gifts and talents to change the world for the better!

I AM the change is your opportunity to become a better you!  I AM the change is a new realization that the world will become better because of your efforts!

I AM. God. I AM gave you all that you need to make a change!  The power is already within your soul at the moment you are conceived. Just become aware of it!  Use it!

Become all that you were created to be!
Look for our upcoming efforts soon!


How do you use the power of your life to
change the world? 
Make a difference today and YouTube it to us! youtube


FASTforward Small steps Ad May 2014

FASTforward! is an invitation to YOU to change our world through prayer and acts of fasting.
Yeah, that's right. FASTING! 
We're not talking sackcloth and ashes, though.
No, we're all about the little things...

Like not having dessert, turning the TV off early, taking a pass on Happy Hour
or not eating meat on Fridays.

Unconventional?  Sure.
Somewhat rebellious?  Yup.

But we're OK with that, because we believe that the smallest things we do
can make a world of difference.

Go ahead, offer it up. 
FASTforward! See what happens.

Check us out at WeFASTforward.com and get started on the transformation!

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